Poppyseed Rye offers more than your typical bouquet of flowers

Flowers are a perennially popular gift. The right flowers can brighten just about any event, from holidays and weddings to births and other special occasions. The custom of flower giving can be traced back to ancient times when in ancient Greece, Rome, China, and elsewhere, various flowers began to be associated with deities and sacred dates. Over time, elaborate rules and rituals sprang up surrounding gifting flowers, and by the Victorian period, specific colors and types of flowers could express moods and send messages. Today, we no longer send a bunch of daisies as an indication of the purest love, but floral gifts send strong messages to the recipient.

At Poppyseed Rye florist in Arlington, we are proud to offer flowers and floral gifts for every occasion and need.

Bouquets and Floral Gifts

Ancient Egyptians filled tombs with vases of flowers while Greeks draped flowers around their bodies in the form of wreaths and garlands. Flowers and greenery both were used to create increasingly elaborate arrangements, which would then be carried at weddings, displayed at feasts, or used in religious ceremonies.

Bouquets are still just as powerful and meaningful today, which is why Poppyseed Rye has floral gifts for every occasion. Our brilliant bouquets combine vibrant colors, diverse flowers, and crisp greenery to create bouquets and arrangements that add beauty, fragrance, and atmosphere to your space. We have gifts that are perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, convalescence, or “just because,” and we handcraft them with the utmost care for you.

We also offer Everlasting Florals, dried floral arrangements in bud vases, bouquets, or other arrangements. Each arrangement comes with personalized gifts, such as a greeting card, gift box, mini bottle of Rosé, or another treat perfect for giving, sharing, or enjoying with someone you love.

Workshops and Crafts

Learning about the history of floral arrangements is one thing. Becoming a part of them is another. Our workshops take you beyond the beauty of flowers and immerse you into the deeper aspects of this ancient art.

In our Arlington florist workshops, you can learn everything you have ever wanted to know about the art of arranging flowers, from the history of this craft and the meanings of the various flowers to the best way to color theory and the best way to display your newly crafted bouquet.

We offer two types of workshops: couples and groups. In our couples workshop, you and a friend, partner, family member, or someone else can enjoy learning all about flower arranging while enjoying a mini bottle of wine along with a variety of snacks from our charcuterie board.

During the group workshop, you and your group will enjoy the same experience with a glass of wine and our charcuterie board, which features a mouth-watering variety of salamis, hams, pepper jam, cornichon, and Castelvetrano and kalamata olives.

Edible Treats

Whether you come for a bouquet or a workshop, we welcome you to stay and try our food. Poppyseed Rye flower shop in Arlington is renowned throughout the region as a craft sandwich shop. Our menu includes fresh-made sandwiches, refreshing salads, crisp toast, cold-pressed juice, and toothsome charcuterie. Try our heirloom tomato toast or smoked turkey sandwiches or keep it light with a mixed green salad and strawberry basil lemonade. We’re sure you’ll love whatever you choose!

Contact us today to learn more about our floral arrangement workshops or to place an order with our flower shop in Arlington.


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