Why order flowers from Poppyseed Rye In Arlington

Flowers can signify love, spread joy, and soothe hurting hearts. They can be one of the most versatile gifts, but many people rely on third parties or intermediaries when buying and sending flowers, which can be costly and inefficient. These intermediaries also rely on some pretty surprising sources to fulfill your flower order: local florists. At Poppyseed Rye flower shop in Arlington, you can skip the intermediary and go directly to the source, buying not just from a local source but from a business based on flowers. Our flowers are always fresh and fabulous, and our flower professionals can walk you through your options, helping you explore various arrangements and choices to get exactly the right gift for the occasion.

If that’s not enough to convince you to choose Poppyseed Rye for your next floral purchase, we can offer you four more great reasons.

All of our bouquets are made by hand

At Poppyseed Rye, you will never have to settle for mass-produced bouquets or one-size-fits-all arrangements. Sometimes it might seem easy to grab-and-go a bundle of flowers on the way home, but there is one fatal flaw: They all look the same. Here, every bouquet we make is hand-crafted with love and care using only the highest-quality flowers and greenery and then tucked into a beautiful vase. You can even choose from a variety of add-ons as well, including decorative candles, soaps, California gummy bears, or chocolates. No two arrangements are ever alike, and our Arlington florist designs each one to highlight the unique beauty of your selection and create exactly the look you want.

Choose a bouquet that is perfect for any occasion

From birthdays and anniversaries to holidays and special events, there is never a bad time to send or receive flowers. At Poppyseed Rye, we have floral gifts that are just right for every season, every occasion, every celebration, every moment, and every mood, and they are presented beautifully to enhance the experience. Whether you are planning a small and intimate evening with a loved one or a big event full of love and laughter, we can help make the moment truly momentous.

Our service is fast!

Sometimes you have the luxury of planning ahead for a big event next week, but sometimes you need that special gift tomorrow or even sooner. At Poppyseed Rye florist in Arlington, we don’t judge. We understand, and more importantly, we’ve got you covered. From our lushly fragranced preserved lavender to our vibrant rose bouquets, each floral gift we create and deliver is made with love, and if you’re in a rush, we will make sure they are made quickly while still attending to all the details. We’ll work hard to ensure that your floral gift is delivered right on time no matter what.

We are more than just flowers

Flowers are a big part of what we do and we are proud of that fact, but they aren’t all we do. Here at Poppyseed Rye, we are committed to making any special day better. We have fresh flowers, craft sandwiches, charcuterie boards, and a breathtaking array of gifts, including:

  • Gently fragranced and decorative candles
  • Vegan California gummies
  • Flavorful chocolates
  • Luxurious soaps
  • And more!

Our florist in Arlington offers a selection of workshops that combine yoga and snacks or flowers and wine, which can make for an exciting evening or relaxed weekend.

At Poppyseed Rye, we love treating our guests to a little something extra. Come visit our flower shop in Arlington today to grab a gift card for a later treat or place an order for same-day delivery!


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